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  • 4-H'er Selected for 28th Annual Grand National Waterfowl Hunt


    Celebrities coming to Cambridge Maryland for the 2009 Grand National Waterfowl Hunt include Senator John Astle, Peggy Vallery, President of the National Wild Turkey Federation, George Thornton, CEO of the National Wild Turkey Federation, Ryan Bronson, Ryan Bronson, Conservation Programs Manager, Federal Premium Ammunition. Joining the list of these celebrity participants is Maryland's 4-H representative Steven Burroughs, Charles County 4-H Member.
    Steven Hunter Burroughs was born on Dec. 22, 1992 and lives in Charlotte Hall, MD. His family includes his older brothers Charlie and Douglas; and his parents, Sharon and Ed. He attends La Plata High School and is a member of the SGA, Memorial Garden Society, and a cadet of the NJROTC Unit, of which he is the Executive Officer, Captain of the Rifle team, and participates in drill, orienteering, color guard, and the academic team. He also participates in Track & Field, and Cross Country. He is currently enrolled in A.P. and Honors courses. After graduation, Steven plans on joining the military and then attending college to study Agriculture or Natural Resources in order to become a Maryland Natural Resources Police Officer.

    Steven has been in Tudor Hall 4-H Club for ten years. He has also been a member of the Charles County Shotgun Shooting Team for six years. During those six years, Steven has attended all of the Maryland State Shotgun Shooting Competitions and has earned awards many of those years. In the summer of 2010, he went to Kerrville Texas to represent Maryland in the National 4-H Shooting Competition, in which he placed 7th in Sporting Clays and helped the team place 6th Overall. Having completed the 4-H Shotgun Instructor Training Course, he now assists the coaches in helping new shooters learn the fundamentals of shotgun shooting. Shooting events attended over the years include Maryland 4-H Shotgun Competition, GNWA Black Powder Shoot, GNWA Sporting Clays Shoot, Maryland 4-H Sporting Clays Shoot, Maryland State Skeet Tournament, and the Maryland State Trap Tournament.

    Steven enjoys hunting, fishing, shooting, photography and 4-wheeling. Completing his hunter safety course at the age of six, Steven has been hunting for most of his life. On a hunt in Alabama, he was filmed by Tom Rodgers, the founder of the NWTF, for his show, The Everyday Sportsman (a cable tv program). During this hunt he was able to shoot two 8-point whitetail bucks. Although his primary focus is deer, hunting waterfowl at his Aunt and Uncle's farm with his dad and older brother, Charlie; has been a great experience. "From watching the sun rise to the geese circling overhead, few things beat being able to spend time with those who are most important to you.", remarks Steven.

    Steven says, "Shooting and hunting teaches a person responsibility and ethics. You have to be responsible in these sports in order to not hurt yourself or anyone around you. You also have to be ethical towards the game that you're hunting. You train during the off-season so that you can humanely harvest an animal". "4-H has given me many opportunities that otherwise would not be available. I was given a chance to meet so many great people who were willing to help me and other youth to gain these life skills that have gotten me to where I am today. It has formed the basis on which I look at life." "The Grand National Waterfowl Hunt will be the high point of my 4-H career. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience that will benefit me, and hopefully other young outdoorsmen whom I will one day try to assist to become ethical hunters and responsible shooters."

    The Grand National Waterfowl Association based in Dorchester County is again providing this opportunity for one Maryland 4-H member to be a hunter in the 2010 Grand National Waterfowl Hunt. This annual hunt is held to promote opportunities in Dorchester, encourage wildlife conservation and promote the shooting sports. This year the event is scheduled for November 18-20 in Cambridge, Maryland. Hunting will take place on Friday, November 19th and Saturday, November 20th. The Friday hunt will be a competitive duck hunt while the Saturday hunt will be for geese. Grand National will assign the 4-H hunter to a three-person team. The team member will be scored on their first five shots and each member of the winning team will take home a new shotgun. This event also includes a number of very special dinners and social events.

    Previous teams have included corporate CEO's, governors, senators, congressmen, sports figures and entertainment celebrities. Past shooters include country music star Irlene Mandrell; race car driver Bobby Allison; trick shot artist John Satterwhite; NRA presidents, Wayne LaPierre & John Sigler; film & TV star Wilford Brimley; basketball star Tom McMillan; baseball star Jim "Catfish" Hunter; Jim and Sharon Crumley, founders of Treebark Camo; Senator Bill Brewster, General Norman Schwarzkopf; General Alexei Leonov, first to walk in space; and General Thomas Stafford, Commander of Apollo 10, first lunar module to the moon. Past shooters sometimes return to enjoy Dorchester's hospitality.

    1999 was the first year that the GNWA provided this opportunity to Maryland 4-H Shooting Sports Club members. 4-H Youth selected for this once in a lifetime opportunity have included: 1999 -Norman Era of Dorchester County; 2000 -Paul Miller of Baltimore County; 2001 -Jonathan Levan of Queen Anne's County; 2002 -Josh Burchick of Howard County; 2003 - Alex Kicas of Carroll County; 2004 - Christopher Utz of Carroll County; 2005 - Matthew Pender of Dorchester County; 2006 - Phillip McIntee of Dorchester County; 2007 - Stephanie Durham of Dorchester County; 2008- Mark Burchick of Howard County; and 2009 - Christopher Warfield of Dorchester Co. All of the 4-H youth have had a wonderful time as participants in the Grand National Hunt and represented Maryland 4-H very well.

    The Grand National is a non-profit Dorchester County organization founded in 1982 by a group of local men and women dedicated to promoting sound conservation practice compatible with business interest on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

    Starting in 1984, the fledging organization spearheaded a privately funded "band and release" free flying duck project that now exceeds the one and one half million-bird mark. Recognized worldwide as a major player in the field of conservation, the Grand National continues to provide funding for ornithology research and redevelopment of wetland habitat on both public and private land.

    The Grand National underwrites a college scholarship program awarded annually to students pursuing a career in a natural science. Since its initiation in 1987, the scholarship roster includes high school graduates seeking an advance education in forestry, marine biology, veterinary medicine, agricultural science and conservation management. "Investments in today's youth will guarantee thoughtful management of tomorrow's resources." What a grand opportunity for Maryland 4-H youth to join in this exciting conservation program. 2010 marks the 28th year of the Grand National.

    The University of Maryland Extension programs are open to any person and will not discriminate against anyone because of race, age, sex, color, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, religion, ancestry, national origin, marital status, genetic information, political affiliation, and gender identity or expression.